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Century City Hotel

Century City Hotel is one of three buildings that form the new Century City Square, a beautifully proportioned space that offers users the opportunity to socialise, relax, dine and be entertained. The hotel experience in this environment is further enhanced by the introduction of the extended canal system of Century City and the bold landscaping themes that frame this development.


The 125 room hotel caters for business and leisure markets. It has been designed to be out of the ordinary, with great emphasis on room efficiencies for business and leisure travellers. Among its features is a green wall with more than 3 500 living plants that forms a backdrop to the reception area.


The hotel architecture has employed the maximum use of glass at the ground floor plane to ensure transparency between inside and out while the developer’s brief has ensured that restaurants, coffee shops and hotel public areas spill out onto the square to ensure there is a constant buzz of activity, life and energy.

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