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The Apex sits proudly as the “suit + tie” or urban “high rise” building as the landmark in the square. The bold elliptical form is dressed with two sheer skins of patterned flush glazed glass that form a dynamic exciting façade. The user enjoys 360º views of Century City and greater Cape Town.

The 8-storey Apex boasts an elegant timeless glass façade that offsets the more natural façade materials of the adjoining buildings. The building is orientated north south and is focused directly onto the entrance into the Bridgeways precinct. This narrow elegant feature is celebrated with full height glass shop fronts that open out onto private balconies that are shaded by sun control louvres to give depth and animation to this important façade. An elegant timber restaurant deck floats over the canal, greeting visitors on their approach to the square, that immediately sets the theme and an atmosphere conducive to meet and socialise.

VIVID CCUS 001.jpg
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