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Who is Vivid?

Vivid was founded in 1998 with a firm belief in strong design and impeccable, world-class delivery for our clients.

We focus on medium to large scale commercial architecture comprising offices, retail, apartments, hotels, safari lodges, conference facilities, industrial, masterplanning, and mixed-use solutions.  When the timing and the client is right we have a passion for bespoke residential design. Vivid have designed bespoke pedestrian bridges, pavilions, and fully integrated landscape solutions.

We offer outsourcing solutions to the United Kingdom and have a dedicated, specialist team available.


We are Vivid

We are a team-based practice who believes in the power of collaborative design and delivery. We are committed to a sustainable built environment and encourages clients to consider achieving a minimum Green Building Council (GBCSA) 4 star or best practice rating for their buildings.

We are currently a Level 3 Contributor to B-BEE. To view our verification certificate click here

Vivid Cares is an initiative that focuses on making a difference. The practice will be focusing on support for various charities of choice, green and sustainable practice management as well as educational opportunities and skills development within the practice and at tertiary educational level for previously disadvantaged students.

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